YouTube Music Introduces Gradient Design to Its Now Playing Interface

In its recent design evolution, YouTube Music is taking visual aesthetics a step further by testing a gradient background for its ‘Now Playing’ interface. Traditionally, the ‘Now Playing’ screen has adopted a solid color derived from the album artwork. However, the latest design update, as observed by multiple users, introduces a gradient which starts off … Read more

Sony Defends PlayStation Plus Price Hike Amid Market Adjustments

Sony recently implemented a significant price increase for its PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions across all tiers. This increase came as a shock to many, with prices rising by: Sony stated that the increase aims to ensure the continuation of “bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service.” Addressing the Controversy In … Read more

The Google-Apple Payment Saga: Billions at Stake and EU Laws in Play

It’s no secret that Google pays Apple vast sums of money annually to ensure that its search engine remains the default choice on devices like Macs, iPads, and iPhones. However, the exact amount has been a topic of speculation. A recent report by The New York Times has shed light on this, revealing that Google … Read more

Saudi Arabia Announces New Esports Venture: The Esports World Cup

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, made a groundbreaking announcement about the country’s next significant step in the esports industry at the New Global Sport Conference in Riyadh. The Esports World Cup: A New Beginning In an ambitious move to further position the Kingdom as a premier … Read more

Expansion in Digital Wallet Capabilities: Digital IDs, QR Scanning, and More

Google Wallet, once just a payment platform, has evolved into a comprehensive tool, encompassing everything from loyalty cards to digital car keys. Notably: QR Code Scanning Simplified One significant development is the ability to scan pass photos, screenshots, and smart health cards—essentially QR-coded certificates displaying vaccine details. The steps are: This streamlined process cuts down … Read more

YouTube Music Announces Support for Apple’s HomePod

After much anticipation since its teaser at the WWDC in June, Google finally unveiled support for YouTube Music on Apple’s HomePod. This integration allows users to enjoy a seamless voice-command music experience. It’s a significant move towards giving consumers more choice and flexibility in how they interact with their smart devices and their choice of … Read more

GameSquare’s Strategic Acquisition of FaZe Clan

GameSquare’s announcement on October 20th regarding its definitive all-stock agreement to acquire the renowned esports team FaZe Clan marks a pivotal moment in the history of both entities. This transaction provides a promising step forward, capitalizing on the inherent strengths and resources of both firms. Main Highlights: The FaZe Clan Saga: From Rise to Redemption … Read more

Apple Unveils New Budget-Friendly USB-C Apple Pencil

It’s a new dawn for Apple’s iconic iPad accessory, The Apple Pencil. This tech titan just dropped the news about the launch of a wallet-friendlier version of their stylus! And guess what? It comes equipped with a USB-C port! Hold your breath because this announcement shatters the silence while expectations are sky-high for Apple’s future … Read more

Analogue 3D: A Modern Reimagining of the Nintendo 64

Analogue, renowned for its contemporary interpretations of classic game hardware, is all set to dive into the 64-bit gaming era with the Analogue 3D, a fresh take on the iconic Nintendo 64 (N64) console. The company has consistently dazzled the gaming community with its innovative versions of iconic systems, and the Analogue 3D seems to … Read more

Google’s Transformative AI Art Generation: Everything You Need to Know

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is undergoing rapid evolution, especially in the domain of art creation. OpenAI’s DALL-E has, for a while, stood unchallenged, turning text descriptions into impressive visuals. However, Google’s foray into this realm is about to redefine the landscape. How Does Google’s SGE Work? Google’s SGE is not entirely new; it … Read more